Wooden hot tub

Wooden hot tub

The wooden hot tub called also the Scandinavian bath with jets is declined in five diameters, three heights . What makes it possible to adapt perfectly the wooden jacuzzi  to the need for each one.

wooden hot tub stand alone on the deck

Western red cedar stand alone installation in the corner Wooden hot tub integrated in the deck Red cedar hot tub stand alone on the deck with wood fired heater


To manufacture this tub, we use only the clear grade Western Red Cedar of Canada. This specie is perfect and durable for this use.

It is, of course,  certified FSC and PEFC. Our wood are exclusively machined on vertical grain and are dried slowly what guaranteed the longevity of our products.

The standard interior height of a tub is 1 m but most our customers order them in 1.10 cm and some times in 1.20 for the tallest !

Here dimensions of our tubs:
2-3 people – external Diameter 120 cm
4-5 people – external Diameter 150 cm
6-7 people – external Diameter 180 cm
8-9 people – external Diameter 210 cm
10-11 people – external Diameter 240 cm

The water level is approximately 15 cm under the edge of the hot tub.

The characteristic of our wooden hot tubs  is that the staves are machined curved, we are the alone company to do so.  This characteristic reinforces the aestheticism of the curve, the sealing and comfort and watertight .

The benches are assembled on crafted and solid frame  and fixed at the wall, they are positioned to 45 cm of the bottom .

A wooden tub can be used  every day if you like !
We advise to make a shower of rinsing before going in water, that allows to keep water longer. All depend on your health status, but at least 20 mn are needed  in water to make slacken the central nervous system so that the effects are optimal for the body and that osmosis between water and the body is to the maximum. The ideal temperature so that the body reacts is 38°c.a to start from 34°c, the effects start to be felt. The pores of the skin will be in vasodilatation and blood circulation will accelerate, which will facilitate the osmosis of elements contained in water (essential wood oils) towards our system.

Our wooden hot tubs are designed in way has to be stand alone, i.e. that they do not need fixings neither on the ground nor with the wall.

Several design are offered to you for the installation:
– on an existing floor if that rather recent and is reinforced
– on a preparation of ground, in the case of a lawn, geotextile + sand+ gravel
– on a flagstone concrete
– on stable paving stones or other materials
Ask us advices because we have experience.
For several years, we have proposed options that makes it possible to personalize your own bath.
– Stainless steel jets;
– More jets;
– An insulating floating cover;
– A more or less important height of bath;
– A UVc water treatment  ;
– Skirtings for hide pipes;
– Differents staircase etc…

Our wooden tubs can be installed as well outside as inside. Several layout configurations are realizable in keeping with the ground, the place, space, the orientation, the obstacles. ; etc but we always find ourselves on one of these three configurations:

Wooden hot tub full deck high integrated

Wooden hot tub full deck high integrated


Wooden hot tub low deck high integrated

Wooden hot tub low deck high integrated with skirtings


Wooden hot tub sant alone with skirting and winding stairs

Wooden hot tub sant alone with skirtings and winding stairs



We are sensitive to the electricity consumption of our devices, therefore today we propose and market several technological solutions in order to reduce the invoice electric and adapted to each one.

– the immersed wood stove:

Internal wood fired heater

– the external boiler with wood:

External wood fired heater


Contact us for more details.