Wooden Aquabike

Wooden Aquabike

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Our wooden aquabike  is declined in two versions:  family or professional use.

Our aquabike was developed thanks to our customers, who sought an aesthetic solution, autonomous and made in France.

We proposed to them this bath-tub very racée with a single design and soft lines.

According to the use that you wish to make, we can equipped and adapted this bath-tub to your needs.

A concept is developing in France: to install several bath-tub of aquabiking and thus to create a dedicated space and very specialized.

If you have a plan as that then consult us!

Small reminder of the effects on the body when one pedals in warm water!

♦ Thinning and replanning of the body
♦ anticellulite Treatment and orange anti-skin
♦ Treatment of the retention of water
♦ muscular and cardiovascular Reinforcement
♦ Improvement of blood circulation
♦ Reduction of the feeling of heavy legs
♦ active lymphatic Drainage

Technical data:
– An elliptic bath-tub length 162 cm of width 84 cm and height ext. 140 (Height int 130 cm). Manufactured in red cedar 1st choice without nodes on district and false district (obligatory quality for a great longevity).                                                           Thickness of the wall: 40 mm.
– 4 stainless strip iron 304 L with tightening stainless. Delivered assembled.
– Platform staircase 4 levels structure in larch 45 mm X 45 mm and preparing in red cedar thickness 18 mm in vertical and 25 mm into horizontal.
– A group of filtration (pump + filter) of 5 m3/h of German manufacturing, tank diameter 300 mm and mounted on plastic support plate of 500 X.500. Filter equipped with a pressure gauge + purging
– Filtering media, granulated of polished and auto–sterile crushed glass, filtration of 15 μ instead of 40μ with sand, matter recycled and which can be recycled.
– An electric heater of 3kw of the brand Balboa, manufactured in the USA which functions in depression and equipped with an adjustable manual thermostat from 10 to 40 °.
– Exchange of regulation pH and automatic chlorine. It measures and controls the disinfecting capacity of water. Posting digital of the measured values. Case IP 55. Device preventing the overdose.
Equipped with a room of analysis and two probes out of glass + 2 canes of aspiration + 1 temperature sensor + 4 injectors pH & chlorine and room of analysis or a chlorinator assembled in by-pass and delivered with a bucket with slow chlorine roller.
Equipment manufactured in Germany or French
– Electric box seals with differential circuit breaker of 30mA+ circuit breakers adapted to the components + contacteurs+ clock of programming.
– 2 valves ¼ turn out of PVC to insulate all the components for maintenance.
– Note supplements connection and of use
– Not delivered with can of chlorine and pH washout (regulation dangerous matters transport)
– Liquid chlorine that you will buy must contain with minium 80% of active chlorine!
– Not delivered with measuring equipment of the quality of water (see store swimming pool or Internet)
– The basin must be drained according to frequentation (asked council your local ARS)
– The manager/owner is responsible in front of the law in the event of control for water by the sanitary services.





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