In the heart of O’biozz company

The O’biozz company  is an small handwork company with the knowledge to make single, in France.

Since August 1st, 2007, it conceives, factory and installs a whole range of equipment of wood wellness.
The luxury hotels, the bed and breakfast, the inns, the camp-sites, unusual accommodation, the individuals in love with beautiful products are its customers.
Always with the listening of its customers, O’ biozz innovates each year to offer improvements or new products.

Which differences with its competitors?
Most our French competitors are not manufacturers. For the knowledge to look at their number
APE which is the code of main activity of the company.
A differentiation which allows us:
– To control the concept and the manufacturing process;
– To control the origin of our components;
– To manufacture ditches (blades of baths) of form curves, one is only on the market
– To be able to create prototypes to make evolve our own products;
– To carry out custom-tailored entourages or other parts;
– To correct the defects very quickly and to increase reliability