Our vision, values and behaviors

O’biozz company is a cottage industry with a few people all passionate about woodworking, by innovation and by aesthetics research .
Marketing today clears the manufacturing side as more and more products come to us
from abroad and often of low-cost countries. We, we have chosen to make all in
 France. We create wealth, value added, sustainable jobs for our country for ours valleys.
We have an approach that takes into account the environmental impacts in the design
and product development and integrates environmental aspects throughout its cycle
life – the ecodesign.
Also in our approach, we give work to many partners, metalworker, bricklayer, laborer, electrician, landscaper, carriers … Through our products we make many companies live around us, which create exchanges, wealth, meetings, networks and many more indirect jobs.
It is true that today’s policies facilitate the import but also export goods.